The City of Tucson

The Tucson Charter Change Coalition (TC3)

Why This Time is Different

In 2010, the Tucson Charter Change Coalition asked the mayor and council to place four recommended charter changes on the ballot:

The mayor and council placed all four recommended changes on the ballot, but only after a four-to-three vote. That divided vote certainly did not help: The voters subsequently turned down all four recommendations.

When that defeat is combined with the fact that the previous city councils ignored the recommendations from the charter review committees they had appointed, the history of charter change in Tucson is not encouraging.

Even so, we believe this effort is significantly different and has a far stronger chance of succeeding. That is because this time the mayor and council members have created the conditions that can lead to a successful committee. To summarize, they have:

The hiring of a consultant is especially important – this is the first time the city has hired a consultant to work with a charter committee, and Raphael Sonenshein has an impressive background.

Even so, the charter review committee’s success is not guaranteed. Success – which we define as significant recommendations created by the committee, referred to the ballot by the mayor and council, and approved by the voters – will require widespread support from the community. This website is just one of the Tucson Charter Change Coalition’s efforts to encourage that community support.