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The Tucson Charter Change Coalition (TC3)


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The mayor and city council created the Charter Review Committee for the express purpose of identifying needed changes in the Tucson City Charter, which initially was adopted in 1929. The mayor and council intend this effort to be a comprehensive review and improvement of the city charter.

Most significantly, the mayor and council have given the committee flexibility and independence in analyzing the city’s charter. In the motion creating the committee, the mayor and council authorized the committee to consider any charter change the committee members themselves deem to be important.

The committee will make recommendations to the mayor and council, who will then decide which, if any, of the recommendations to refer to the ballot for voter approval.

The mayor and council’s goal is to refer appropriate recommendations to the November 2015 ballot for voter approval. To meet that deadline, the mayor and council must provide any recommendations to the city clerk by early July 2015 so he can include the recommended changes on the ballot. Accordingly, the committee voted at its first meeting to provide its recommendations to the mayor and council by April 1, 2015. That earlier date will allow the mayor and council sufficient time to consider and debate the recommendations, and to hold their own public hearings, if they wish.