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The Tucson Charter Change Coalition (TC3)


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The Charter Review Committee is receiving strong community support. Most notably, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona offered the city a three-to-one matching grant to hire a consultant to guide the committee’s work.

Significantly for the committee’s independence, the grant allowed the city to hire any qualified consultant that it wanted. Moreover, the grant pointedly stated that the committee is advisory only, with the mayor and council to make the final decision on referring any of the committee’s recommendations to the ballot.

The nonprofit Thomas R. Brown Foundations provided the majority of the funding for the Community Foundation grant.

The City of Tucson subsequently entered into a contract with consultant Rafael Sonenshein for $50,000 — $37,500 to come from the Community Foundation and $12,500 to be paid by the City of Tucson.

Additionally, the Tucson Charter Change Coalition has been reinvigorated in order to support and encourage the committee.